Using Nolvadex With Steroids

We’re now going to explain how to use nolvadex as part of an intra and post cycle therapy plan in order to provide you with maximum protection against the effects of estrogen.

Nolvadex + Clomid + HCG = Perfect Protection

This “holy trinity” of protective agents will ensure that the user is able to achieve incredibly well rounded protection against the negative effects of anabolic steroids over the course of their cycle (and / or after.)

Clomid is somewhat of a “specialist” when it comes to elevating testosterone production and has been shown to be more effective than nolvadex for this purpose.

HCG too is an excellent means of kickstarting the production of both LH and FSH, meaning that testosterone levels will either remain in place or rise rapidly at the end of a cycle. Nolvadex is an excellent means of protecting against gynecomastia and general estrogenic issues.

You’d typically wait until the end of your cycle, then use 1,500 - 4,000 IU’s of HCG every 3 - 4 days for 3 weeks, or use 1,000 IU per day for 10 days before moving onto your combined nolvadex and clomid treatment.

Clomid could either be used as part of the main cycle’s protective regimen or in conjunction with nolvadex in a post cycle capacity at an intake of 50 mg per day in the former scenario, or 150 mg per day in the latter scenario.

The Recommended Nolvadex Dose For Men

For intra cycle purposes, the average male will need between 10 - 20mg per day over the course of their steroid use. If 20mg per day isn’t enough to hold estrogenic issues at bay, the strength of your stack is powerful enough to warrant a more advanced form of protection.

For post cycle purposes, you’ll need to start at an intake of 40mg per day for two weeks, followed by a drop to 20mg for two weeks and finally a 10mg per day 10 day intake to allow the body to “acclimatize”.

Nolvadex And Large Ester-Based Steroids

When following a cycle that involves the use of large ester-based anabolic steroids, you’re going to need to implement your nolvadex in exact (or as close to as possible) accordance with the steroids in question exiting your system.

In this instance, you will have to wait anywhere between 14 - 21 days for this to occur. You can find a comprehensive rundown of steroid half / active lives on the arimidex profile.

Nolvadex And Short Ester-Based Steroids

In the same fashion as you need to wait for large ester-based steroids to exit the system before ingesting nolvadex, you’re going to have to do the same with short ester-based steroids.

Your wait is going to be between 1 - 4 days depending on the steroid type you choose. Again, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the different steroid half / active lives on the arimidex profile.

How HCG Affects Your Nolvadex Cycle

Uniquely, you actually need to use HCG on its own.

If you’re planning to use it, you need to implement it in accordance with the timing guidelines mentioned above (1 - 4 days after a short ester steroid has exited your system or 14 - 21 days after a long ester-based steroid has exited your system.)

This means you’ll need to perform a “mini” HCG cycle, then immediately after finishing implement either your standalone nolvadex cycle, or your combined nolvadex and clomid cycle.

Examples Of Excellent Post Cycle With Nolvadex

One such example of an excellent nolvadex post cycle treatment plan would be:

140 mg per day150 mg per day
240 mg per day150 mg per day
320 mg per day100 mg per day
420 mg per day50 mg per day


14,000 IU every 3 - 4 days
23,000 IU every 3 - 4 days
32,000 IU every 3 - 4 days

Followed immediately by the cycle displayed in the previous example.